I’m sorry to inform you that severe technical difficulties have reduced our production capacity. We are forced to take the engines CRISTAL, JADE, QUARTZ Verticale, GEM TM1, Feed Pumps, Automatic Gas Stop Valve and ECO Gasregulator out of production.
We hope to restart production with new products during 2020


Our services concerning restauration and repairs of model steam engine and the building up of complete steam plants to your wishes and with your components or parts from other manufactures will be continued.


Steam Engines:


GEM TM1 QUARTZ vertical
Foto Quarz
QUARTZ Vintage
Foto Quarz
QUARTZ horizontal
Boiler Feed Pumps

Gas Regulating Systems:

ECO Gas Regulator Foto ELEGANCE Gasregler
ELEGANCE Gas Regulator
ELEGANCE Gas Stop Valve Foto Gastank
Gas Tank

Steam Fittings & Bargains:

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Steam Fittings
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Bargain Corner


Foto Komplettanlage
Complete Steam Plants
Foto Komplettanlage
Repairs & Restorations

All our products are based on the classic technologies of the Steam Age which we reproduce in highest precision in miniaturised form as models. We pay particular attention to make our products reliable, robust and as easy to use as possible.

It is equally important to us to make sure that our steam engines and accessories mirror the classic elegance and beauty of historic machines so that our engines and accessories integrate harmonically in to the overall image of a well balanced steam plant.

All our steam engines and accessories are carefully checked after completion for quality and function.

I would be happy to personally support you with your choice, realisation and maintenance of your steam plant.

All prices are given in Swiss Franks (CHF).
Shipping costs are not included.
Also not included are any duties and taxes due outside of Switzerland.


New! 11.12.2019


New items in the Bargain Corner!

11.12.2019: In the next 2 – 3 months a STUART S50 with governor

and a GRAHAM TVR1A 2-Zyl. engine will become available.


Both Items below SOLD 10.12.2019 

RMS TITANIC Static wooden (laser cut) kit by AMATI scale 1 : 250

1 x Antique Steam Engine build around 1880 – 1890