Length o.a.: 88mm
Width o.a.: 48mm
Hight o.a.: 90mm
Wight: 540g
Diameter crankshaft: 4mm
Hight centre crankshaft over ground: 14mm
Type of valve: Piston-Valve
Type of reversing gear: Reversing Steam-Valve
Working pressure: 1.5- 4 bar (20 – 60psi)
Bore: Either 10 or 12mm

Number of cylinder:

10 mm


JADE is available with a bore of either 10mm or 12mm, depending on the power you require.

  • 10mm bore = suitable for 4-blade-propellors with diameter from 50mm – 65mm
  • 12mm bore = suitable for 4-blade-propellors with diameter from 60mm – 75mm
  • The JADE is delivered as finished, ready to run, engine.

The design of the JADE engine bases on suggestion from customers who wished for a robust and powerful but also compact and good-looking engine.

A further point was that the engine should also be simple to use and regulate. We have achieved this by employing piston-valves with optimised steam-channels combined with an enclosed reversing steam-valve for a sensitive regulation of speed and power. JADE requires only one servo for the full control of speed and reversing.

We also aimed In this design for a increased robustness and strength to allow for a higher max. working pressure to increase the power output. This, and the external aesthetics, makes this engine particularly suited for use in working ships like tugs or cargo-vessel. The increased use of visible steel emphasis the special character of this engine.

Excentres, cross-heads and columns are made from steel, piston- and valve-rods from stainless-steel, screws and bolts are either made from steel or stainless-steel. All other parts are machined from brass.

With the all-steel crank-shaft running in 5 solid brass bearing-blocks, the generously dimensioned bearing surfaces of the cross-heads, con-rods big- and small-ends and of the excentre-rings the JADE can be run with a working pressure of up to 4 bar (60psi)!

This compact engine is remarkably powerful!

Grafik 1 JADE Dimensiones english

JADE finished engine, ready to run:

  • The finished Engine is delivered painted (green) and with polished brass parts and surface-ground steel part.
  • English operating instructions.

Displacement oiler and RC-steam-regulating-valve are included.

Price JADE finished, ready to run:

J01 JADE finished, 10mm bore:    CHF 1188.–

J02 JADE finished, 12mm bore:    CHF 1318.–

2b JADE Grafik Anlage engl


The engine JADE can be equipped with an engine driven boiler-feed-pump. 
For more information please click here:

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If desired I can built a complete steam-plant for you, according to your requirements. 
For more information please click here:

Anlage JADE Anklick-Bildli

All prices are given in Swiss Franks (CHF).
Shipping costs are not included.
Also not included are any duties and taxes due outside of Switzerland.