QUARTZ Horizontal



Length o.a.: 76mm
Width o.a.: 83mm
Hight o.a.: 43mm
Wight: 470g
Diameter crankshaft: 4mm
Hight centre crankshaft over ground: 16mm
Type of valve: Piston-Valve
Type of reversing gear: Button-Type Reversing Steam-Valve
Working pressure: 1.5- 3 bar (20 – 45psi)
Bore: 9mm

Number of cylinder:



2 Engines in stock and available, no further production.

The Paddle-Wheel Engine QUARTZ Horizontal is particularly well suited for use in models of side- or stern-wheel steamers.

  • A transmission with a ratio of 6 : 1 up to 8 : 1 by gears, chain-drive or toothed belt is highly recommended.
  • The engine can be used in models with a displacement from 5 Kg (10 lbs) up to about 10 Kg (20 – 22 lbs).
  • Depending on the chosen transmission ratio the paddle-wheel can have diameter from about 100mm up to 150mm.
  • In cases of propellor-driven models with very little head-room under deck the low hight of the QUARTZ Horizontal makes it particularly well suited for such a project. Used in such a fashion it is suitable for 4-blade propellors from 40mm to 55mm diameter
  • The QUARTZ Horizontal engine is available either as a „ready to run“ finished engine or a completely machined kit for self assembly, no soldering required.

Even a Paddle-Wheel Steam-Engines does not need to be large!

The concept of this engine is born out of a need for a compact, light but attractive paddle-wheel engine of high quality and reasonable price and especially suited for small and middle sized models starting from a displacement of about 5Kg (10 lbs)

This is of great importance as many of the original paddle-steamers where (and still are) operating on rivers and lakes and therefore had slender, shallow draft hulls with little displacement. This of course also limits the available wight and space in models of such ships. A compact, light but powerful engine is in such a situation of the outmost importance!

Controlling the engine is very easy because you require only one servo to have full control over over all aspects of running the engine like regulating the speed, stopping or reversing. This makes this engine particularly well suited when space and wight is tight.

As with all our other products, we took great care to achieve durability and robustness when designing the QUARTZ Horizontal. The central shaft of the crank-shaft is of stainless steel and is running in 3 solid brass bearing-blocks, piston-rod and piston-valve are made from from stainless-steel, the excentres are made from steel. All other parts are machined from brass.

The QUARTZ Horizontal has, due to close resemblance to original paddle-steam-engines, inherited their classic good looks.

Grafik 1b Dimensionen QUARTZ_horizontal english

QUARTZ Horizontal, Paddle-Wheel-Engine: Finished engine, ready to run:

  • The finished Engine is delivered painted (blue) and with polished brass and steel parts.
  • English operating instructions.
  • Displacement oiler and reversing-valve are included.

Price QUARTZ Horizontal, finished engine:

QH01 QUARTZ Horizontal:    CHF 920.–


QUARTZ horizontal, Paddle-Wheel-Engine: Machined kit for self-assembly

  • The kit is completely machined, all (metric) threads cut.
  • Surfaces are ground or, in areas to be painted, sand-blasted.
  • No machining or soldering required.
  • What needs to be done is a light chamfering of sharp edges, and, if you want to, a bit of polishing and painting.
  • Step by step illustrated building-instructions in english make building the engine easy.
  • Displacement oiler and reversing-valve are included.

Price QUARTZ Horizontal, machined kit:

QH02 QUARTZ Horizontal, kit:   CHF 782.–



If desired I can built a complete steam-plant for you, according to your requirements.
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