ELEGANCE Gas Regulator

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Our steam pressure activated Automatic Gas Regulators and Gas Stop Valves are based on classic steam technology, miniaturized and manufactured to the highest standards of precision and are designed to fit seamlessly and aesthetically pleasing in to a steam plant.

We have payed particular attention to achieve reliability, robustness and ease of use.

All units are carefully tested after completion.

Further advantages are:

No electronic components prone to defects due to heat and moisture.

  • No wires festooned all over your steam plant ruining it’s good looks.
  • No additional batteries.
  • Particularly important: Our Gas Regulators and our ELEGANCE Gas Stop Valve function reliably even when you lose control of your model due to a failure of the RC-Equipment or batteries.

Purpose and function of our ELEGANCE Gas Regulator is quite similar to the ECO Gas Regulator, namely the the fully automatic, constant control of the heat produced by the burner to keep the boiler pressure at the preset level no matter how much steam is momentarily used by the steam plant.

This is achieved by a balance between boiler pressure, gas pressure and the chosen settings.

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Compared to the ECO Gas Regulator our ELEGANCE Gas Regulator is a more advanced and more complex design because here we have completely separated the gas section from the steam section and are now employing two membranes.

The different construction results in a improved sensitivity which reduces the boiler pressure variations to only 0.2 bar from its intended value.

Such small pressure variations are almost unnoticeable, even just a short blast of the whistle is enough to initiate a regulating cycle!

The different design also enabled us to rise the adjustable pressure range from 4 to 5 bar.

The ELEGANCE Gas Regulator is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be installed in steam plants ranging in size from our QUARZ Engines up to a STUART D10.

  • Adjustable range of pressure: 1.5 bar – 5 bar (5 psi – 15 psi)The variations of the adjustable boiler pressure of between 1.5 bar (5 psi) up to 5 bar (15 psi) are considerably reduced, the intended pressure will be held with a maximum variation of 0.2 bar.
  • Pilot Flame: Separately adjustable. The ELEGANCE Gas Regulator is equipped with a separate adjustable by-pas valve, this makes it possible to precisely adjust the gas flow thru the by-pas so that a stable, reliable pilot flame (minimum flame) can be achieved for a wide range of burner types and sizes.
  • The installation of the ELEGANCE Gas Regulator improves the comfort and ease of running a live steam plant markedly because it does completely away with the constant need to manually control and readjust the burner.
  • The endurance (running time) increases considerably because firstly less gas is burned needlessly and secondly water wastage by blowing it out thru the safety valve as steam is almost completely stopped.
  • All control elements are easily accessible, readjusting the pressure setting is always possible, even while the steam plant is running.

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ELEGANCE Gas Regulator is delivered including:

  • 1 x ELEGANCE Gas Regulator
  • 1 x Set of pipe connections (nut & cone) for 1 x 3mm & 2 x 2mm pipes.
  • 1 x Piece of brass pipe 3mm diam.
  • 2 x Pieces of brass pipe 2mm diam.
  • English operating instructions

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