Refillable Gas Tanks

Bild 1 Gastank TitelAs with our other products we went with our Refillable Gas Tanks a slightly different route then other manufacturers.  

Usually gas tanks of other manufacturers are filled thru a standard lighter-type self ventilating filler valve.

This functions reasonably well but has a few drawbacks:

  • These standard filler valves are easily damaged, particularly if one applies a bit more effort in order to prevent gas from escaping.
  • Due to the constant ventilating action of those valves during filling quite al lot of gas escapes uselessly.
  • It is not always completely certain if a tank is in fact completely filled because even a slight slip or wiggle with the adaptor nozzle will produce the same effect as if the tank would indeed be full.
  • This of course leads to the burner running out of gas prematurely and that in turn leads to you having to salvage your powerless steam boat.

To eliminate these drawbacks we have split up the two functions “filling” and “ventilating” in to two separate valves of our one make.

This gives following advantages:

  • Our filler valve is nearly indestructible no matter how much you lean on it and no gas escapes during the filling process.
  • To let the trapped air escape while filling our gas tank you only need to lightly tap a few times on the nipple of the ventilating valve and so the wastage of gas is much reduced.
  • When the liquid gas has reached its nominal level some of it will escape as a white cloud as you activate the ventilating valve, this gives you 100% certainty that the thank is indeed full!
  • And therefore there will be no need for a refreshing dip in the pond to salvage your model anymore!

Gas is a dangerous stuff! Bearing this in mind we take due care and attention in producing our Refillable Gas Tanks.

  • Our gas tanks are made from copper and are silver soldered.
  • All our gas tanks are tested to 20 bar hydraulic pressure.
  • They are conforming to all EU regulations.
  • All our gas tanks are issued with a test certificate.

KRAMER Refillable Gas Tanks

are available in following sizes:

2 Units still in stock and available, no further production.


Bild 4 Gastank Gross  Grafik 4b Gastank Gross english

Suitable for larger sized steam plants with engines like CRISTAL 12mm and JADE 12mm.

Sufficient for an average running time of about 30 min.

  • Capacity: 60g liquid gas
  • Diameter: 54mm
  • Length: 90mm
  • Dry wight: 190g
  • Endurance 30min.: With a burner using ca. 150g per hour

KRAMER Gas Tank LARGE is delivered including:

  • Manuel Gas Stop Valve
  • Refill Valve
  • Ventilating Valve
  • Gas Refill Adaptor suitable for gas containers with threaded outlet.
  • Beware: Our Gas Refill Adaptors can not be used with refillable gas tanks of other manufacturers.
  • English operating instructions

Price KRAMER Gas Tank LARGE:

KGT-G Refillable Gas Tank LARGE:    CHF 396.–


All prices are given in Swiss Franks (CHF).
Shipping costs are not included.
Also not included are any duties and taxes due outside of Switzerland.