Complete Steam Plants

We offer a wide range of high quality steam engines for model ships and boats and other components important for the safe and efficient function of a model steam plant but we do not produce our own range of steam boilers.

Due to this we are unable to offer you “off the shelf” ready to run steam plants. What we can offer instead is comprehensive, free of charge, advice on choice of components and their arrangement for a practical and solid steam plant for model boats.

Or, if desired, we would build a steam plant to your specific wishes and requirements.

To help you on these points we can offer you two possibility’s:

Firstly: Advice

You wish to build a steam plant your self but are in doubt concerning a suitable boiler or you are uncertain about the question of what would be suitable accessories for your intended purpose.

Based on decades of experience we know nearly all suppliers and makers of model marine boilers on the market, including their strengths and weaknesses.

You can profit from our knowledge! We would be happy to give you our open and impartial opinion on boilers and their suitability for your project, if required we would also provide you with the necessary supplier informations.

What are useful accessory’s and what are not depends heavily on your expectations on the running time and performance of your projected model. On this aspect to we pledge to give you open and honest advice. Please give your attention to the questionary further down.

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Secondly: We build for you!

You desire a completely finished, ready to run steam plant? We are certainly well able to full fill your wish and build you a steam plant to your requirements and satisfaction.

We are happy to offer you our comprehensive service:

  • Starting with establishing your wishes and ideas and us advising you on points of technical practicality and usefulness.
  • Procurement of outside items like the Boilers.
  • Building the steam plant in a technically and aesthetically satisfying manner.
  • Last but not least: Safe and reliable function!

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Change from Electro- to Steam-Propulsion?

You have so far been building model boats with E-motors but now you wish to venture in to steam propulsion?

It would give us pleasure to council you on the choices of steam engines, accessories and possible steam boiler suitable for your project. You may find some basic informations concerning the specific properties of the different types of steam engines here A short explanation on types of steam engines”.

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To give you sound advice we would need some detailed informations about your planned model:

  • Type of Model: Steam Launch, Picket Boat, Tug, Cargo Ship and so on.
  • If it’s a kit: Name of model and manufacturer.
  • Dimensions: Length, Beam & Draft, preferably in Millimetre but Inch will do to.
  • Displacement / overall wight and how much wight can be used for the steam plant.
  • What is the largest possible propellor diameter and number of blades.
  • Desired running time.
  • Performance: Do you prefer to take things in a gentlemanly sedate fashion or would you prefer a somewhat more “sportive” performance with a bit of power in reserve?

Here you find some examples of steam Plants for your inspiration:

QUARTZ Vertical with KRAMER Gas Tank and ELEGANCE Gas Regulator and a horizontal boiler.

Used in a smaller steam tug of about 5 – 6 Kg displacement.

13 Bild 5       13 Bild 6       13 Bild 7

13 Bild 8       13 Grafik 1b QUARTZ Vert Liegend english

QUARTZ Vertical with KRAMER Gas Tank and ELEGANCE Gas Regulator and a vertical boiler,

fitted to a open launch equipped as an whale catcher. Displacement is just under 5 Kg.

13 Bild 9      13 Bild 10      13 Bild 11

13 Bild 12      13 Grafik 2b Anlage QUARTZ Vert. english


CRISTAL 10mm with KRAMER Gas Tank and ELEGANCE Gas Regulator combined with a vertical boiler.

This makes for a very attractive and power full propulsion plant for a Steam Launch.

13 Bild 13      13 Bild 14      13 Grafik 3b CRISTAL english

Engine JADE 10mm in the same configuration looks very good to!

13 Bild 15.      Grafik 4b. JADE Anlage english

Steam Plant for the twin screw tug “RESOLVE”, an excellent kit from “JoTiKa” / “Calder Craft”.

The steam plant consists of:
2 x JADE 10mm Engine assembled as mirror image, a KRAMER Gas Tank with extra large capacity and our ELEGANCE Gas Regulating System, the combination of ELEGANCE Gas Regulator and Gas Stop Valve. We had the boiler made to measure to suit the installation.
13 Bild 16.      13 Bild 17.      13 Bild 18.

13 Bild 19.     13 Bild 20       13 Grafik 4b JADE Hor english

Our speciality is clearly steam Propulsion for model boats but we are no foreigners to stationary steam plants either!

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further informations.