Repairs & Restorations


We also perform repairs and restorations of model steam engines, traction engines and steam locomotives in professional quality.


Horizontal Mill Engine, build by the customer from a set of castings from England.         Original condition: Quite a rough model in “white”, didn’t run due to faulty D-valve and timing .

Bild 1 englische Maschine

We also assemble steam model kits for you or, should your kit build model refuse to work, then we will get it to work for you.

Due to limitations of our workshop space and of our equipment we can only accept models of smaller scales and sizes.

  • Locomotives in gauges 0 and 1
  • Traction engines or other road vehicles in scales up to 1” (1 : 12)
  • Steam engines with a cylinder bore up to 3/4” – 1” (20mm – 25mm)

We stand for competence, knowledge and careful, precise and solid work.

What can you expect from us:

  • Careful assessment of the work to be done and the time required for it.
  • Before we start with the actual work we will give you firm and binding costing.
  • We treat antique models respectfully, we do not shine them up to look “highly polished” and “better than new”! We repair the defects and conserve the original substance and dignity of the model.

Example: Restoration of an original “MÄRKLIN” steam plant of about 1928              Condition as received: Dirty & corroded in places, non functional due to missing boiler fittings and burner parts.


Bild 2 Maerklin   Bild 3 Maerklin


Bild 4 Maerklin Masch   Bild 5 Maerklin Masch

What might it cost?

Careful assessment of time & costs and therefore complete certainty on expenses to you is very important to us.

Our usual process looks like this:

  • You would send us pictures of your “patient” with a as clear as possible description of the defects as they are known to you.
  • Based on this we will make a first assessment and will give you an rough, non binding time & cost estimate.
  • It is now your decision to continue or not.
  • Should you decide to continue you would, after notifying us, send us your model.
  • Upon reception of the model we would thoroughly examine it and give you a definite and binding costing.
  • It is now up to you to make your final decision to contract us to do the job or not.
  • If you decide against it we return the model back to you. We would have to charge you for the shipping costs, but not for any other costs incurred.
  • Should you decide positively we would then repair or restore your model as per agreement as soon as previously accepted jobs are done.
  • With larger, more complex objects we would be happy to document the work progress with photographs and e-mail them to you.
  • When we have finished your commission we will notify you with proof pictures of the finished Model and of course your invoice stating the amount previously agreed on.
  • Upon reception of your payment we will then ship the repaired / restored model back to you.

Restored model of a original “BISCHOF”                   Recent recreation of an vertical engine   dating from around 1935                                              BISCHOFF” engine, castings from     Condition as received: A box full of rusty parts.                       MB-Atelier, Switzerland            Connecting rod and diverse small parts                                 Condition as received: Not quite finished          were missing.                                                                  model in white,did not run due to a fault                                                                                                        with the D-valve.

Bild 6 Bischoff alt        Bild 7 Bischoff neu

Costs are calculated like this:

  • Work time is calculated at CHF 25.- (CHF = Swiss Francs) per hour.
  • Plus costs of bought in components and material.
  • Plus shipping costs.

A couple more examples:

A Steam Traction Engine in 3/4” scale (1 : 16), produced by “HOLDEN” as a kit between 1980 and 1990. These models have become quite rare!                                                           Condition: Not functioning. The model is not yet restored, sadly the original builder of the model has had a few lapses of judgment and a few miss-haps! But it will be a gem when finished!

Bild 8 HOLDEN Traktor  Bild 9 HOLDEN Traktor  Bild 10 HOLDEN Traktor

Antique horizontal Mill Engine, build between 1880 and 1900 in the region of St. Petersburg.                                                                                                                                      Condition as received: Encrusted in dirt and rust and completely frozen. Defects on steam chest, valve rod and D-Valve and some missing small parts.

Bild 11 Russ Maschine   Bild 12 Russ Maschine   Bild 13 Russ Maschine

Antique “MÄRKLIN” Convertible, a small but interesting model as its design enables it to function as vertical engine as well as a horizontal loco mobile type of engine.              Condition as received: Leaking fuel tank, steam pipe broken off, badly corroded steel parts, base structure badly bend out of shape and many remains of failed attempts on repairs.

Bild 14 MAERKLIN Konvertible    Bild 15 MAERKLIN Konvertible

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further informations.