Photo Gallery 6

Thames Barge „Lara“

Before Steam Power there was Wind Power!

It is not that I only build steam powered models! But always ships from the nineteenth or early twenty-est century.

The “Lara” is a relatively small but fully working sailing model of a Thames Sailing Barge, the scale is 1 : 35. It bases on the relatively simple but well thought out HFM-Kit but I could not help myself and added details with the aid of a “Underhill”- Plan and photos of originals but made sure that all the detailing would not interfere with the actual working of the model. All sail are handled with one servo.

Length over All: 864mm, Length Hull alone: 660mm, Beam: 178mm, Displacement: Varies depending on ballasting from 3 Kg to 5 Kg, Endurance: Until the thirst becomes to painful!

Bild 1 Barge LARA  Bild 2 Barge LARA

Bild 4 Barge LARA  Bild 5 Barge LARAJPG

Bild 6 Barge LARA  Bild 3 Barge LARA